A Match Made in Heaven

Our story began in high school where we met on student council. Who knew your person could have the exact same birthday? Funny side note, our daughter Emily was born one day later than us too! We were crowned prom king and queen and have partnered to make a real difference in our community.

Many years later came the time for adulting. We bought a car, planned a wedding and needed a place to live!


We had two options: renting an apartment for a couple of years or pinching every penny to buy a house right away. As a compromise, we decided to strategically purchase a rental property and live in the basement for a few years. This decision completely kick-started our journey in building wealth…

Within 4 years we turned a $40k down payment into $1.87 million in real estate assets. We live in our dream house in Caledon, Ontario and live a dream life.

Today, our passion is to share what worked for our family with friends just like you.



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Sandra shares our journey from her point of view.