Finding the best Local Schools for our kids (step-by-step)

Before you submit an offer make sure you've done your homework. Do you know where your kids will be going to school? Schools are often an afterthought but with the tools we share in this video it will likely become the starting point for you search.

We dive into how to identify the best schools (public, private & Catholic) and ensure your child falls within the boundaries. If we want our children to be the priority in our decision to buy a house, this is a good start.

4th Quarter 2019: Toronto Real Estate Market Update

Welcome to my predictions for the 4th quarter of 2019 in the Greater Toronto Area real estate market. If you follow our channel we have covered most of these items but we look at them with more clarity and add another prediction at as well. We are a source of information for the most savvy local investors and we would love to get your opinions on how we can address the looking supply crisis we continue to face.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather not see 2017 happen all over again, so we need to get our act together. Yet the growth numbers put us almost in range of that and it's only October! What do you expect to happen between now and 2020? I'm very blunt with my predictions... Now it's time for you to share yours!

Top Websites to Find Deals & How MLS boards work

Although is put together into a nice user friendly experience, behind the scenes there is a lot more going on. Realtors and brokerages have different levels of access and when you go to list your home you need to make sure it's posted on the right MLS board. We discuss why you may need to ask more questions of your real estate agent if you are going to maximize your listings exposure or get access to houses that would otherwise be missed.

Fortunately, MLS board are moving towards unification but until that happens make sure your agent can pull all the information you need to win in today's market. Let us know below what platforms you use most for getting listings and the most detail possible...

Immigrating to Toronto – Good or Bad for Real Estate?

The average birth rate in Canada is 1.6. Meanwhile, we’re anticipating 340,000 immigrants to Canada in 2020. The big debate, is immigration necessary for the success of the real estate market in Canada. Whether you’re asking if you can buy a house in Canada or simply cannot afford to buy one, this video is for you. We cover what statscan has to say and weigh in on major critics on our social media channels.

Many people around the world are seeking the Canadian life. Should we open the door, or slam it shut?

Housing Affordability will shape the 2019 Federal Election

A recent Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives study found that a third of all Canadian households rent their homes — and in only three per cent of Canadian neighbourhoods can "a full-time minimum wage worker … afford to rent an average two-bedroom apartment." Yet we have 421,000 new jobs in the last year, employment is up 2.3 per cent, unemployment and poverty rates are at historical lows. If the economy is doing so well, why do so many Canadians feel like they can’t get in ahead?

The 2019 Federal Election is around the corner and we share the big issues to consider as it relates to Housing Affordability. What comes next for the national housing strategy, the home buyer’s incentive or the CMHC stress test? We’ve heard your cries and have put them all together to dive deeper into the issues that must be addressed during the election campaign. Let’s just hope the candidates are listening.

Negative Interest Rates Explained & Good for Canada?

You’ve likely heard about negative interest rates making their way across the world. According to JP Morgan, up to 30% of the globally traded bond universe are from countries with negative interest rates. Central banks all over the world turning to unconventional monetary policy will certainly have large repercussions on the global economy. Further, what are the chances that negative rates make their way to Canada?

In this video we touch on finance, the markets and equities. However, our primary goal is to establish the case for and against negative interest rates and begin a conversation on the possibility it could come to Canada and the impact it would have on our local Toronto real estate market. Check this video out and tell us what you think negative interest rates would do to our economy.

Toronto Housing Bubble 2019 & Months of Inventory

Since a video I ran a 2019 update on the supply crisis in Toronto, we’ve had a lot of debate on what the months of inventory have to say about how tight the Toronto Real Estate market is going to get. You’ll get my opinion as always, but I want to show both sides of the coin and let you be the judge…

I believe we are seeing a seller market dynamic. Regardless if the cause is immigration levels, net population gain or the fading away of the mortgage stress test, the big question is what comes next for months of inventory because nobody wants to see another Toronto housing bubble…

Rental prices have slowed down in Toronto (plus vacancy rates in 2019)

This video explains an interesting cooling off of the rental market we’ve experienced this year. Tenants can rejoice because they are getting the break they’ve wanted for quite some time. Vacancy rates are growing and rent rates have slowed significantly. The biggest reason is the surge in purpose built rental apartments across the GTA.

You can thank the removal of rent control and government loans being offered to developers. This video shares why they are opting to invest in the long term rental space instead of simply flipping condos like they’ve done in the last few years. Let us know if you’re happy about this trend or not… and why!

Best Places to Invest in the Greater Toronto Area - 270% growth in 5 years!

I’m often asked as an investor, what are the best local opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area for picking up real estate. This video answers this and shares with you my top picks from east to west and in Toronto. The data was compiled from and is a must watch for the local savvy real estate investor. We identified which locations were being sold at a discount and have experienced a lot of momentum in the last five years. How does a 50% lower price tag or an increase of 270% in five years sound to you? The Greater Toronto Area offers such amazing opportunities to its investors. What other opportunity did we miss? Let us know in the comments below… where do you suggest we check out?

Global Market Collapse in 2019?

What would a global collapse do to the Toronto real estate market? We discuss some of the largest risks facing us on a local, national and global scale. What should we be most afraid of and where should your attention be? We are coming into an election year, face a large local supply shortage signalling more legislation and a global bull market that has exceeded 10 years, the largest in history. The warning signs are in front of us, but with all the doomsday preppers and Wall Street saying different things, you need to be able to break through the clutter and really identify what is important, and what sells newspapers. These are my thoughts. I’d love to hear yours!

The Biggest Red Flag of 2019 in Toronto!

As we analyse the local real estate market here in Toronto, we are left wondering why prices continue to climb. The biggest issue we are experiencing in the second quarter of 2019 paints us an interesting picture. Today, we find ourselves with a shortage of housing in the Greater Toronto Area. Meanwhile, the factors that were holding back buyers over the last year have completely diminished.

This video goes in depth on what this looks like and the numbers to back it up. You aren’t going to want to miss it. Leave your comments down below.

15 Fun Facts About Your Home

At a house party, it’s great to know facts about something fun and interesting. Why can your home not be the topic of conversation? There are so many things that you man not know about you average household, but don’t worry you are not alone.

In this video I share a few cool facts that you may not know about your home. From Bacteria on your cutting board, to tips in order to increase the value of your home. I cover it all. Be sure to check out this weeks video to be prepared to share with friends and family your new, and fun knowledge about your home.


There are so many things to consider buying a home, location, size, functionality, price and many more. During the journey of what is buying a home, there are many mistakes and “pitfalls” homebuyers can face.

In this weeks video we dive into the main pitfalls people fall into while buying a home. Watch and listen closely, I’ve seen first hand the consequences of these problems. I will give you a first hand look and what to avoid while buying a home, and tricks people use in order to make a property look more enticing. If you avoid these problems you better believe that your joke buying experience will be an easy and enjoyable one.

How to sell a Fixer Upper

Not all properties are ready to go on sale day, and oftentimes the best homes aren't the ones that appeal to everyone. These diamonds in the rough are refered to as “Fixer Uppers” and can allow you to pay less and imagine larger! Don’t be fooled by ripped out walls and unfinished flooring, these can be signs of good bones and amazing investment opportunities.

In this weeks video I show you the best way to sell a fixer upper, and also the value in buying one. Sometimes your perfect house, or someone else’s cannot be bought at face value. In this case your buying a blank slate to turn your home into your kingdom!

Will Kawhi Leonard increase the value of your Home?

The Toronto Raptors are going to the finals! Yes you heard it right, for the first time in franchise history our beloved Raptors will face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals. With all the buzz in the city of Toronto regarding the Raptors, people are wondering what that series will affect, and what can we expect the city’s future to be.

In this weeks video I go into detail about that changes you can expect in the GTA with the NBA finals coming to Toronto. Previous statics show some interesting trends that could possibly be one of the best things that has happened to the real estate market in 2019. Make sure you check out the video, and cheer your Raptors on. GO RAPS GO!

Simple Steps to Improve the Value of your Listing

Buying and selling a home is among some of the most stressful times in your life; making this process easier, and improving the rewards that come with it is essential. I touch on a few of the most important, and cost effective ways to improve your showing. Using these simple steps you can easily increase the value of your property by thousands.

The most frequently asked question I get when it comes to staging, and renovating a house to sell is how much money should I put into fixing it. This is a good question however, the answer is quite simple. You must keep in mind that the money you spend, if spent right, will automatically increase the value of your home. There are some obvious changes you can make to add huge value like finishing a basement or creating an addition to your home, all of which cost a fortune… but there are a few ways to add value without breaking the bank

Worst Tenant Ever!

Renting a property can be very stressful, especially when you do it on your own. I have come a long way from my first property, but I thought I would share a story of one of my first rental properties.

In this video I outline the rights and wrong while renting. These properties can produce high cash flow if you do it right, but it takes the right tenant in order for this to be the case. Be aware of all of the red flags that I point out in this weeks video. If you are considering buying a rental, this video is the perfect watch!

Have you ever asked yourself if a pool is worth it? There really is not one universal answer. In my new video “Do Pools Increase the Value of a Home” I talk about areas where a pool may be beneficial to buy, and also situations where it may harm the value of your home in the future.

Breaking down the characteristics of a home is very important. By understanding your area, neighbourhood, and future home buying prospects we can determine if you should, or should not buy a home with a pool. Pools are fun, and add visual appeal to any property; but they are not for everyone. Check out this week's video for a more in-depth look at the true value of your backyard oasis.

Are Airbnbs Illegal in Toronto?

Are Airbnb’s actually Illegal in Toronto? If you’re not sure, don't worry you are not alone. Airbnb’s have become some of the most relied on housing options for traveling; including vacations and business trips. In this video we dive into the short term renting availability in toronto, and if it is legal or not.

In fact, it is against the law to operate a short term rental (Airbnb) in the city of Toronto. I not only explain why but I also touch on how they are currently operated in the city. It's not common knowledge that these properties are banned, in fact there wasn't even a plan to make them illegal. There were progressive plans to allow these short term rentals to thrive in the city. Later this year they threw out all propositions in favour of Airbnb’s, and made them illegal.

Why Realtors are the Perfect Stalkers!

Did you know real estate agents are the perfect stalkers? If not, I’m going to show you why. As we continue to release information on sale data and pictures, does that freak you out? Is that the type of thing that you want to have circulating? To take it a step further, information is becoming publicly owned and shared among all of us.

In this video we creep Mr. Drake. Drake purchased a property, 21 Park Lane Circle. He bought a $6.7 million dollar piece of property. It's actually has a 245 foot frontage which is amazing! Anyone in my profession is able to see this information.

This is the type of information that would eventually be made public as privacy walls come down, if you guys don't believe I'm able to pull this off, I encourage you to put your first and last name, or whatever your title is registered on your property, as well as the city you live in, and I will do a public service of sharing your address in the comments down below for the entire world.