Our Family, Our Team


Bradley Watson

Broker & Investment Advisor

Bradley prides himself on his signature Mac & Cheese and will talk your ears off about real estate if you aren’t careful. He’s a pretty cool dad too.


Sandra Watson

Operations & Marketing

Sandra was once a beauty queen and is now the backbone of Watson Estates. She somehow runs a million dollar operation while raising our little baby.

PG9_3198Donna and Dianne_Web-Sized.jpg

Donna Watson

Sales Representative & Rural Expert

Donna is a Labrador Retriever lover and puts a steady 50,000 km on her vehicle each year. She’s the mama we needed but didn’t deserve.


Max Watson

Video & Graphic Designer

Max is the team movie junky. You’ll find him whipping up the latest video content by day and leading a game of Dungeons and Dragons by night.


William Watson

Social Media Specialist

William towers over the family at 6’5”. He’s got his sights on the major leagues recording the fastest pitch in the country for his age. Until that day he helps us sport the coolest social media content around.