Save the commission… that’s the story being sold on television and the internet. If we are going to give companies like Purplebricks, Comfree and Property Brothers a fair shot, we need to consider what working with these companies looks like at the time of negotiations.

This video is me sharing a story about interacting with a For Sale By Owner / Discount Brokerage a couple years ago. I didn’t make this video to deter people from trying these companies out, but instead to provide an honest picture of some key differences I’ve experienced when working with them. I’m sincerely receiving countless inquiries about these companies as they flood our market with advertising “saving the commisery” and “save thousands in commission”.

When it comes to buying or selling your most valuable asset, is it not worth asking whether saving a bit of money is truly worth the risk? I hope you enjoy this video, and happy to have a dialogue with those who have had a positive experience with companies like Purplebricks, Comfree and Property Brothers.