Why Realtors are the Perfect Stalkers!

Did you know real estate agents are the perfect stalkers? If not, I’m going to show you why. As we continue to release information on sale data and pictures, does that freak you out? Is that the type of thing that you want to have circulating? To take it a step further, information is becoming publicly owned and shared among all of us.

In this video we creep Mr. Drake. Drake purchased a property, 21 Park Lane Circle. He bought a $6.7 million dollar piece of property. It's actually has a 245 foot frontage which is amazing! Anyone in my profession is able to see this information.

This is the type of information that would eventually be made public as privacy walls come down, if you guys don't believe I'm able to pull this off, I encourage you to put your first and last name, or whatever your title is registered on your property, as well as the city you live in, and I will do a public service of sharing your address in the comments down below for the entire world.